California Filtration Specialists

California Filtration Specialists

California Filtration Specialists

Water is rapidly becoming our most precious resource, and California Filtration Specialists, LLC. was founded to assist builders, municipalities, and individuals in protecting this resource. California Filtration Specialists was founded by Whitson Contracting & Management, Inc. in 2015, when its staff discovered the need for cost-effective, space-saving ways to meet the ever-changing requirements in the stormwater industry. Our products provide solutions to project requirements and design problems related to filtration, infiltration, biofiltration, and rainwater harvesting.


  • Our foundation in heavy civil construction management provides us with the necessary experience to be technically accurate, practical, and cost-competitive.
  • We bring unparalleled expertise in managing stormwater compliance programs on behalf of Legally Responsible Parties (LRPs), contractors, industrial property owners, and commercial property owners.
  • We know the permits inside and out, but more importantly, we know how to implement them.
  • We have mitigated violations issued by regulatory agencies which has provided us with an even greater understanding of the permits issued by the State of California and Regional Water Boards.


We are much more than just salespeople:

  • Our team is composed of individuals with a very wide range of professional and educational backgrounds including environmental engineering, construction management, civil engineering, and hydrology.
  • All members are fully licensed and certified to perform stormwater compliance management and inspections including State Trainers of Record (QSP, QSD, QISP), QSDs, QSPs, and Professional Engineers.
  • We are dedicated to improving green infrastructure, reducing footprints, and providing value engineering to our customers.
  • CFS provides solutions and support throughout the entire project process, assisting with all compliance needs.


Distribution Areas: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington

California Filtration Specialists
640 Alpine Way, Escondido, CA 92029
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