Types of Permeable Pavement

If you are looking for an eco-friendly pavement option, that filters harmful water runoff that contains pollutants that contaminate the environment, permeable paving is the perfect solution. Budget-friendly and eco-friendly, permeable driveway paving comes in a variety of options and styles so you can personalize your driveway and install a pavement option that shows off your personal taste. 

The permeability of a driveway depends on how much rock has open space to allow water to flow through. Permeable driveways are a pillar in our society. Used for infrastructure and developments including driveways, highways, roofs, walkways, sidewalks and patios. We depend on permeable pavement solutions for the health of our environment. 

Permeable Paver System

Permeable concrete comes in a wide variety of colours, rather than typical beiges and blacks, permeable concrete is offered in a palette of neutrals and earthy tones to select from. This contemporary concrete surfaces and is formulated to safely dispose of water runoff. 

Gravel and Stone 

Another great and permeable driveway paving option is to pave your driveway in gravel and stone. Similar to permeable concrete, these driveways come in a multitude of colour options, so you can unleash your inner designer and create your dream driveway. Gravel and stone contain loose materials that allow water runoff to flow through with ease. 

Reinforced Grass 

Reinforced grass is a popular permeable driveway paving option. Known for its lush aesthetic, homeowners do not have to mow this option and can simply enjoy the look of their driveway without maintenance. Reinforced grass is an excellent permeable surface solution and homeowners typically lay a plastic mat on top of their grass surface to park their car and protect the product. 

Ecoraster’s permeable driveways are made of 100% post-consumer plastic bags that are used within every square Ecoraster plastic grid. Ecoraster permeable paver grids, blocks, and stones are confidently backed by a 20-year warranty. Ecoraster can be used in a wide variety of applications. Learn more about which Ecoraster product is best for your next paving project and explore our products here

Lightweight, durable, reusable and quick to install, applications for Ecoraster are limitless. Ecoraster paver grids and Bloxx are more cost-effective than concrete and are better for the environment than other paving alternatives. Learn more about Ecoraster here.

Are you ready to design the eco-friendly permeable driveway of your dreams? You’ve invested in your house decor, let Ecoraster help in designing your driveway. Contact us today!

Permeable vs. Impermeable Paving

The water that we drink, the snow that we play in, and the tennis courts that we socialize in, all are affected by permeable paving. Groundwater is our source of drinking water, and precipitation includes harmful chemicals- once those chemicals fall onto the ground and pavement, without a proper filtration system which is included in a permeable solution, those chemicals go back into the environment including the air and the land. Permeable pavement safeguards our health by safely disposing of water runoff. 

Any new driveway over 5m2 must provide a drainage system for water to run to a permeable area. An impermeable surface is any solid and impervious surface such as asphalt, roofing, stone, brick or concrete, that blocks the land’s natural ability to infiltrate rainfall. When water cannot easily drain from a driveway surface, it goes towards your house. Permeable driveways have a pervious surface such as loose stone or gravel and enable water and precipitation to flow through without difficulty. 

For heavy-duty construction and landscaping projects, Ecoraster’s E50 is the perfect solution. This permeable paver grid system is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic and is quick and easy to install. It can hold 70,000 pounds per square foot and withstand even the harshest of weather all year long. Works in tandem with grass, gravel, or Ecoraster Bloxx.

For parking lot flooring or project flooring for barn or horse footing, Ecoraster’s E40 is a durable and lightweight paving option. Ecoraster E40 is a 100% recycled paver, crafted with German engineering. This product is durable, plowable, and able to withstand even the harshest of climates. Like all of our permeable pavement systems, E40 is backed by a 20-year guarantee. 

Wondering how you can protect your driveway from harmful stormwater runoff and preserve your property? Ecoraster’s permeable paving system has the ability to withstand even the harshest of climates and comes with a 20-year warranty that guarantees results in commercial and residential paving projects. Contact us today!

Permeable Paving: A Green Solution

With climate change a major concern, it’s important that we all do our part in impacting climate change. Permeable paving offers a green solution to the industry.

From enabling grass to grow in between your driveway paving, to eliminating stormwater runoff that brings toxic pollutants into sewers. Permeable paving provides an endless amount of environmental benefits for the soil, trees, and grass without compromising on style.

Green Permeable Driveways For A Greener City

How can you start contributing to a greener city? By installing a green permeable driveway. Permeable paving provides wet weather management which reduces the total volume of water runoff from impervious surfaces. 

Protecting The Environment and Your Driveway

Did you know Permeable paving creates a sustainable driveway by allowing for the natural flow of water into the ground and soil? Permeable paving is made of recycled plastic which is more durable and not prone to chipping. Investing in permeable paving for your driveway is also an investment in the environment. 

The Dangers of Water Runoff

Water runoff is one of the most identified sources of damage to the environment. Improperly disposed water containing pollutants runoff into surrounding large bodies of water including lakes and streams. This can also lead to flooding and toxic bodies of water that are extremely harmful and unsafe for fish and humans to enter. 

Permeable paving, known for a porous surface, comes in a variety of pavement options and types, that can be installed on urban surfaces to reduce the harmful damages that impermeable paving options such as concrete and asphalt cause to the environment. Permeable pavings, porous surface, is designed by an installed base that acts as a reservoir. This reservoir stores up rainfall and precipitation that accumulates on your driveway over time, and slowly deposits that water back into the soil. 

Permeable Pavings Porous Surface 

Improving water quality while safely depositing water back into the environment, permeable paving uses an interlocking grid system to create the pores that act as a filter between your pavements surface, the underlying reservoir then back into the soil. You can install permeable paving, knowing that it is one of the safest ways to ensure you are contributing to the sustainability of the environment, on your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. 

Ecoraster porous paving products are made from 100% recycled plastics

Ecoraster’s permeable paving options are made from 100% recycled plastic and are the only pervious pavement products to undergo extensive, dynamic RAL testing. Ecoraster paver grids and Bloxx are more cost-effective than concrete, better for the environment than other paving alternatives, and fully backed by a 20 year warranty.

Contact us to find out how Ecoraster can help make your next development project sustainable, and check out our case studies to explore the variety of ways permeable paving helps communities thrive.

Benefits of Permeable Paving

What is Permeable Paving?

Permeable paving is one of the most eco-friendly methods to choose from, when deciding to repave your driveway. Using a reservoir base that is installed below the driveway, infiltrates and percolates rainfall water back into the soil, causing the surface of your driveway to be permeable. 

It can be difficult to identify permeable paving from impermeable paving at first glance. Indeed, permeable paving can have the same appearance as asphalt and concrete, but once closely inspected, permeable paving uses an interlocking grid system to create pores within the surface of your driveway for water to safely enter the underlying reservoir base. Impermeable surfaces do not allow rainwater to go through damaging the soil underneath the pavement and damaging the environment by contributing to an accumulation of water damage, runoff and harmful pollutants. 

 What Does Permeable Paving Do?

Also known as porous paving and pervious paving- permeable paving, is used to repave your driveway while touching up cracks, and damages that are caused over time by weathering. Permeable paving can help make sure that your property value is maintained or increased over time, as it is a driveway pavement solution that utilizes a water filtration system to safely remove the damaging effects of rainwater and precipitation. 

How to Identify Permeable Paving

Permeable Pavers can be identified by the system of gaps between them that help make sure that water and precipitation is safely removed from your driveway and recirculated back into the environment. Permeable paving uses interlocking grid systems to create pavement gaps which come in a variety of materials and layouts including grass, soil, specialty formulated concrete and gravel. Permeable paving reduces water runoff volumes, removes pollutants, recharges groundwater by allowing it to re-enter the soil, lowers high runoff water temperatures that contribute to heat pollution, and improves the performance of infrastructures.

Uses of Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is a type of pavement with a porous surface that can be used in all different types of areas and places including, high traffic and low traffic parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways.

Permeable Paving Is Weather Friendly

Permeable Paving is a safe pavement option no matter what time of the year. In hot climates, permeable pavement remains at a consistent temperature and cool as it circulates both precipitation and water. In freezing cold environments, ice cannot form on permeable paving, which means that you can safely drive and walk on it without being worried.

Permeable Paving Helps Manage Stormwater

Permeable paving maintains a natural hydrological balance that reduces the amount of water runoff that can be a result of storms. Permeable paving prevents stormwater wastage, by guiding water to flow safely into the ground rather than into sewage drains that contain concentrated pollutants.

Wondering where to buy permeable pavers? Ecoraster North America has a large network of permeable paving distributors and is the only paver grid system tested and backed by a 20-year warranty. To find out more about Ecoraster’s and permeable paving, check out our products or contact us today!

CNN Article Underscores the Importance of Permeable Paving in Cities

Urban permeable surfaces include parks and … parking lots? The first suggestion is from a recent CNN article detailing a survey of flood-readiness in seven cities around the world. The second is from us, at Ecoraster. In the study, cities were evaluated for their “spongyness” – or, the ability of their infrastructure to weather a climate-related increase in flooding. Permeable paving offers a built-in solution to urban flooding, presenting an affordable, feasible way to get urban spaces ready to thrive in a changing climate.

Porous Parks and Paved Populous Areas

While the article, by journalist Chelsea Lee, mainly discussed findings focussed on soil types and the presence of parks and natural spaces in cities, there’s one problem: cities have limited space for parks. Atypical situations such as Nairobi National Park’s proximity to Nairobi can create conditions where drainage is possible for large parts of the city; however, as Lee’s article states, “densely populated areas in the city have little to no green infrastructure with floods often submerging its slums, according to the report”. Other cities, such as London, rank lower on the final list due to the region’s poorly draining clay soil. 

Pushing the Boundaries of Green Instrastructure

As the world looks around to try to find solutions to the growing climate crisis, solutions may lie not in the layout of infrastructure, but in the materials of the infrastucture itself. Rethinking the layout of cities to include more parks has many advantages, certainly; after all, the health benefits of green spaces for city residents are well-documented. However, the immediate threat of flooding in cities may require wide-scale solutions more feasible than simply adding more parks. Lee’s article states that “cities that are equipped with plenty of permeable surfaces such as parks, trees and lakes that soak up water like sponges, will be better able to mitigate floods.” Permeable infrastructure offers a stormwater management solution that helps urban areas grow while mitigating the heat island effect and even helping to off-set other effects of climate change.

Permeable Paving for Any City, any Space 

In the original study conducted by Arup, cities were surveyed for green, blue and grey zones, with the two former indicating permeability and the latter indicating the presence of paved areas and buildings. Permeable paving offers a way to turn many grey zones into green zones. And while it can seem like a futuristic proposal, permeable paving is increasingly making headway in global infrastructure. In the past twenty years since its inception, Ecoraster has gained ground in Europe (literally), and today the material covers over 300,000,000 square feet of the continent. 

Permeable paving offers a reliable and cost-effective way for urban areas to remain functional and continue to expand, while increasing the safety, durability and future-readiness of cities across the world.

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What Do Permeable Pavers, Canada, and Innovation Have in Common?

We’re proud to announce that Purus North America is the newest member of the Maple Business Council, an organization focused on building a bridge between American and Canadian companies in order to facilitate trade. Here’s why we’re excited to see what the future holds for permeable pavers in Canada and beyond.

Permeable Pavers in Canada: Then And Now 

From our roots in German innovation to our future in sustainable, made-in-Canada infrastructure, we’re a global-minded company with a product grounded in a long-term vision. Throughout Ecoraser’s twenty-year history, innovation, teamwork and sustainable design have been at the core of what we do. And it’s not just Ecoraster; the entire history of permeable paving has relied on invention and innovation to get where it is today. 

Permeable paving may seem like a very modern invention; however, it has been used in Europe since at least the 19th century. The concept gained traction in the 1970s, when scientists began testing it, and the first guidelines for the design and function of the material were published in 1977. ECORASTER® was born twenty years later, in Germany; it has since spread across the globe, and the company has even earned NATO certification status. 

Working Together for a Sustainable Future 

Since our beginnings in North America, we’ve focused on the application of permeable pavers in Canada in all their forms; from municipalities to the agricultural sector, there are virtually endless ways to use Ecoraster. However, sustainable design affects every part of cities, from stormwater management to the tops of skyscrapers. It’s not just about using recycled materials; it’s about intelligent planning and a holistic understanding of what sustainable urban environments could look like.

As a Canadian-owned and operated business, we’ve always keenly felt the importance of working with other Canadian and American businesses to strengthen our economies and ensure that we’re mutually supporting one another and growing stronger together. Manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly paving alternatives such as ECORASTER® relies on innovation not just from within our organization, but across our continent and world. The future of permeable pavers in Canada and abroad doesn’t just rely on one company or on one product; it relies on trade and cooperation across countries, borders and industries.

The MAPLE Business Council is an organization focused on building a bridge between American and Canadian companies in order to facilitate trade and provide mutual benefits to all. We couldn’t be prouder to be included in this U.S-Canada-trade-focused alliance and to be part of the continued improvement of the relationship between our countries. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

To find out more about Ecoraster’s history and permeable pavers, check out our products or contact us today!