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LID Permeable Paving

3521 Bathurst St, North York, ON M6A 2C7
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LID Permeable Paving was established in Ontario to address the increasing focus and ever-growing demand for Low Impact Development (LID) and permeable paving alternatives.

Permeable paving alternatives are gaining in popularity in order to address and support the reality of Climate Change and our changing weather patterns. Permeable paving further encourages people to manage their storm water where it lands reducing the damaging effects of subsequent flooding in an affordable, effective and efficient manner.

LID Permeable Paving Canada is the proud distributor of the renowned Ecoraster® permeable paving system that is used world-wide. The Ecoraster® system is a heavy duty, high quality permeable paving alternative that is fully sustainable.

Ellise Gasner, the founder and CEO of LID Permeable Paving Canada, was involved in the grass roots education and promotion of permeable paving, and the Ecoraster┬« system since 2010 in North America. She is excited to see the development and exponential growth of the industry including the start of North American manufacturing in Ontario, Canada.

Ellise is committed to the promotion of green infrastructure and is proud to be doing her part to leave the world a better place for her children and generations to come.

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