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Bloxx: Dynamic Designs

Bloxx: Dynamic Designs

Ecoraster Bloxx is a patented and beautifully designed permeable paver grid system with added ground reinforcement. Its unique safety interlocking feature ensures a smooth solid surface that eliminates bumps and tripping hazards, keeping safety and accessibility in mind. Ecoraster Bloxx paving stones have a high filtration rate that is excellent for stormwater management and promotes water filtration into the ground. Our permeable pavers are available in porous concrete and rubber, allowing for creative and dynamic designs. Ecoraster Bloxx can be used in combination with many of our paver grid systems. Ecoraster Bloxx paving blocks are made from 100% recycled materials, are plowable and weather-resistant. As with all of our paving products, they come with our 20-year warranty. 

Ecoraster Patent Number: US 10094073B2

Ecoraster Bloxx prices may vary. Contact us for more information.

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The patented locking mechanism ensures that each paver holds firm and supports the overall grid plan.


The grid design acts as a 4-sided support system for the concrete inserts, while the integrated drainage channel ensures maximum drainage without getting clogged.

20-year warranty

The weather-resistant material stands the test of time and is backed with a 20-year warranty.



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E50: Heavy-duty
Designed for heavy-duty needs, Ecoraster E50 is ideal for construction, parking lots, and other related projects.
E40: Light to Medium-duty
Durable and lightweight, E40 offers flexibility, durability, and ease of installation for light to medium-duty projects.
Bloxx: Dynamic Designs
Beautifully designed and delivers high filtration rates, Bloxx also works in combination with E50, allowing for creative and dynamic designs.
Paver Accessories
Ecoraster manufactures a series of paver accessories to support your next paving, landscaping, or hardscaping project.
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