Ecoraster commercial permeable paving has 
many benefits compared to traditional materials

Ecoraster is the perfect commercial permeable paving system for ground reinforcement, access roads, permeable parking lots, pathways, and permeable hardscape applications. Our permeable paver system is an eco-friendly alternative to asphalt and concrete paving.

These 100% recycled pavers are a great option for businesses and commercial contractors looking to reduce their environmental footprint, without sacrificing quality. As a porous paving system, Ecoraster is not only quick and easy to install, it’s an effective stormwater management solution.

Its durability and permeability dramatically reduce long-term costs, especially when compared to traditional pavers. Engineered in Germany, made in Canada and backed by a 20-year warranty, Ecoraster can be used in commercial paving projects large and small.

With asphalt paving on the decline, Ecoraster is a sustainable, permeable paving system that can reduce installation time and long-term maintenance costs.



Less Maintenance Cost


20-year Warranty



Learn more about how Ecoraster has been used throughout North America
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