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E50: Heavy-duty

E50: Heavy-duty
Designed with heavy-duty requirements in mind, Ecoraster E50 delivers superior performance in a wide range of settings, from agricultural to landscaping and construction projects. Capable of supporting up to 70,000 lbs. per square foot and the harshest weather conditions, it is also made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic.

HOw IT Works


The patented locking mechanism ensures that each paver holds firm and supports the overall grid plan.


The cellular design ensures maximum water filtration while retaining gravel, crush and run, or other porous substrates.

20-year warranty

The weather-resistant material stands the test of time and is backed with a 20-year warranty.



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  • Commercial, industrial, agricultural, and military use
  • Safe for use in oil and mining
  • Delivers excellent erosion control
  • Creates permeable parking lots and driveways
  • Well-suited to building permeable emergency and fire access lanes
  • Suitable for outdoor warehousing needs
  • Well-suited for airfields and landing pads
  • Suitable for equestrian applications


E50: Heavy-duty
Designed for heavy-duty needs, Ecoraster E50 is ideal for construction, parking lots, and other related projects.
E40: Light to Medium-duty
Durable and lightweight, E40 offers flexibility, durability, and ease of installation for light to medium-duty projects.
Bloxx: Dynamic Designs
Beautifully designed and delivers high filtration rates, Bloxx also works in combination with E50, allowing for creative and dynamic designs.
Paver Accessories
Ecoraster manufactures a series of paver accessories to support your next paving, landscaping, or hardscaping project.
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