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Benefits of Permeable Paving

Benefits of Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is one of the most eco-friendly methods to choose from, when deciding to repave your driveway. Using a reservoir base that is installed below the driveway, infiltrates and percolates rainfall water back into the soil, causing the surface of your driveway to be permeable. 
It can be difficult to identify permeable paving from impermeable paving at first glance. Indeed, permeable paving can have the same appearance as asphalt and concrete, but once closely inspected, permeable paving uses an interlocking grid system to create pores within the surface of your driveway for water to safely enter the underlying reservoir base. Impermeable surfaces do not allow rainwater to go through damaging the soil underneath the pavement and damaging the environment by contributing to an accumulation of water damage, runoff and harmful pollutants. 

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