Types of Permeable Pavement

Types of Permeable Pavement
Published on October 11, 2022

If you are looking for an eco-friendly pavement option, that filters harmful water runoff that contains pollutants that contaminate the environment, permeable paving is the perfect solution. Budget-friendly and eco-friendly, permeable driveway paving comes in a variety of options and styles so you can personalize your driveway and install a pavement option that shows off your personal taste. 

The permeability of a driveway depends on how much rock has open space to allow water to flow through. Permeable driveways are a pillar in our society. Used for infrastructure and developments including driveways, highways, roofs, walkways, sidewalks and patios. We depend on permeable pavement solutions for the health of our environment. 

Permeable Paver System

Permeable concrete comes in a wide variety of colours, rather than typical beiges and blacks, permeable concrete is offered in a palette of neutrals and earthy tones to select from. This contemporary concrete surfaces and is formulated to safely dispose of water runoff. 

Gravel and Stone 

Another great and permeable driveway paving option is to pave your driveway in gravel and stone. Similar to permeable concrete, these driveways come in a multitude of colour options, so you can unleash your inner designer and create your dream driveway. Gravel and stone contain loose materials that allow water runoff to flow through with ease. 

Reinforced Grass 

Reinforced grass is a popular permeable driveway paving option. Known for its lush aesthetic, homeowners do not have to mow this option and can simply enjoy the look of their driveway without maintenance. Reinforced grass is an excellent permeable surface solution and homeowners typically lay a plastic mat on top of their grass surface to park their car and protect the product. 

Ecoraster’s permeable driveways are made of 100% post-consumer plastic bags that are used within every square Ecoraster plastic grid. Ecoraster permeable paver grids, blocks, and stones are confidently backed by a 20-year warranty. Ecoraster can be used in a wide variety of applications. Learn more about which Ecoraster product is best for your next paving project and explore our products here

Lightweight, durable, reusable and quick to install, applications for Ecoraster are limitless. Ecoraster paver grids and Bloxx are more cost-effective than concrete and are better for the environment than other paving alternatives. Learn more about Ecoraster here.

Are you ready to design the eco-friendly permeable driveway of your dreams? You’ve invested in your house decor, let Ecoraster help in designing your driveway. Contact us today!


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