Permeable vs. Impermeable Paving

Permeable vs. Impermeable Paving
Published on October 11, 2022

The water that we drink, the snow that we play in, and the tennis courts that we socialize in, all are affected by permeable paving. Groundwater is our source of drinking water, and precipitation includes harmful chemicals- once those chemicals fall onto the ground and pavement, without a proper filtration system which is included in a permeable solution, those chemicals go back into the environment including the air and the land. Permeable pavement safeguards our health by safely disposing of water runoff. 

Any new driveway over 5m2 must provide a drainage system for water to run to a permeable area. An impermeable surface is any solid and impervious surface such as asphalt, roofing, stone, brick or concrete, that blocks the land’s natural ability to infiltrate rainfall. When water cannot easily drain from a driveway surface, it goes towards your house. Permeable driveways have a pervious surface such as loose stone or gravel and enable water and precipitation to flow through without difficulty. 

For heavy-duty construction and landscaping projects, Ecoraster’s E50 is the perfect solution. This permeable paver grid system is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic and is quick and easy to install. It can hold 70,000 pounds per square foot and withstand even the harshest of weather all year long. Works in tandem with grass, gravel, or Ecoraster Bloxx.

For parking lot flooring or project flooring for barn or horse footing, Ecoraster’s E40 is a durable and lightweight paving option. Ecoraster E40 is a 100% recycled paver, crafted with German engineering. This product is durable, plowable, and able to withstand even the harshest of climates. Like all of our permeable pavement systems, E40 is backed by a 20-year guarantee. 

Wondering how you can protect your driveway from harmful stormwater runoff and preserve your property? Ecoraster’s permeable paving system has the ability to withstand even the harshest of climates and comes with a 20-year warranty that guarantees results in commercial and residential paving projects. Contact us today!


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