What Do Permeable Pavers, Canada, and Innovation Have in Common?

What Do Permeable Pavers, Canada, and Innovation Have in Common?
Published on October 11, 2022

We’re proud to announce that Purus North America is the newest member of the Maple Business Council, an organization focused on building a bridge between American and Canadian companies in order to facilitate trade. Here’s why we’re excited to see what the future holds for permeable pavers in Canada and beyond.

Permeable Pavers in Canada: Then And Now 

From our roots in German innovation to our future in sustainable, made-in-Canada infrastructure, we’re a global-minded company with a product grounded in a long-term vision. Throughout Ecoraser’s twenty-year history, innovation, teamwork and sustainable design have been at the core of what we do. And it’s not just Ecoraster; the entire history of permeable paving has relied on invention and innovation to get where it is today. 

Permeable paving may seem like a very modern invention; however, it has been used in Europe since at least the 19th century. The concept gained traction in the 1970s, when scientists began testing it, and the first guidelines for the design and function of the material were published in 1977. ECORASTER® was born twenty years later, in Germany; it has since spread across the globe, and the company has even earned NATO certification status. 

Working Together for a Sustainable Future 

Since our beginnings in North America, we’ve focused on the application of permeable pavers in Canada in all their forms; from municipalities to the agricultural sector, there are virtually endless ways to use Ecoraster. However, sustainable design affects every part of cities, from stormwater management to the tops of skyscrapers. It’s not just about using recycled materials; it’s about intelligent planning and a holistic understanding of what sustainable urban environments could look like.

As a Canadian-owned and operated business, we’ve always keenly felt the importance of working with other Canadian and American businesses to strengthen our economies and ensure that we’re mutually supporting one another and growing stronger together. Manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly paving alternatives such as ECORASTER® relies on innovation not just from within our organization, but across our continent and world. The future of permeable pavers in Canada and abroad doesn’t just rely on one company or on one product; it relies on trade and cooperation across countries, borders and industries.

The MAPLE Business Council is an organization focused on building a bridge between American and Canadian companies in order to facilitate trade and provide mutual benefits to all. We couldn’t be prouder to be included in this U.S-Canada-trade-focused alliance and to be part of the continued improvement of the relationship between our countries. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

To find out more about Ecoraster’s history and permeable pavers, check out our products or contact us today!


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