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If you are looking for an eco-friendly pavement option, that filters harmful water runoff that contains pollutants that contaminate the environment, permeable paving is the perfect solution. Budget-friendly and eco-friendly, permeable driveway paving comes in a variety of options and styles so you can personalize your driveway and install a pavement option that shows off […]
The water that we drink, the snow that we play in, and the tennis courts that we socialize in, all are affected by permeable paving. Groundwater is our source of drinking water, and precipitation includes harmful chemicals- once those chemicals fall onto the ground and pavement, without a proper filtration system which is included in […]
With climate change a major concern, it’s important that we all do our part in impacting climate change. Permeable paving offers a green solution to the industry. From enabling grass to grow in between your driveway paving, to eliminating stormwater runoff that brings toxic pollutants into sewers. Permeable paving provides an endless amount of environmental […]
What is Permeable Paving? Permeable paving is one of the most eco-friendly methods to choose from, when deciding to repave your driveway. Using a reservoir base that is installed below the driveway, infiltrates and percolates rainfall water back into the soil, causing the surface of your driveway to be permeable.  It can be difficult to […]
Urban permeable surfaces include parks and … parking lots? The first suggestion is from a recent CNN article detailing a survey of flood-readiness in seven cities around the world. The second is from us, at Ecoraster. In the study, cities were evaluated for their “spongyness” – or, the ability of their infrastructure to weather a climate-related increase in […]
We’re proud to announce that Purus North America is the newest member of the Maple Business Council, an organization focused on building a bridge between American and Canadian companies in order to facilitate trade. Here’s why we’re excited to see what the future holds for permeable pavers in Canada and beyond. Permeable Pavers in Canada: […]


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