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Case studies

Case studies

We believe our permeable paving solutions will make a real difference in the world but don’t take our word for it, explore the benefits of Ecoraster through the results we have achieved for our customers.
There is a strong movement towards including permeable alternatives into both commercial and residential landscaping in the Guelph area of Ontario.
Stormwater runoff from Lincoln Street regularly puddled in the parking lot and carried pollutants into the river...
All new development in CA is required to minimize impermeable surfacing in order to reduce urban runoff and stormwater pollution.
Access to this steep mountain access road becomes extremely difficult during rain and/or snow events.
Wooten Park in Tavares is located on Lake Dora, a lake highly frequented by seaplane owners.
A world-famous performing arts center suffered from significant erosion, wear, and stormwater management issues with its grass parking areas.
Due to stormwater runoff and excess mud, the garden was virtually inaccessible, unless you were wearing rubber boots!
This Century home in Ann Arbor Michigan was in need of some repairs and updates.
Stackt Market was a vacant property in downtown Toronto. The team at Stackt had the idea of building an urban market made from eco-friendly products, including sustainable pavers.
Equestrian arenas are often built without correct stormwater drainage, meaning they offer little mud control for horses and riders and are prone to wet, muddy conditions.
This sour gas line was originally installed in the 1960s on existing farmland. Since gas lines can, indeed, freeze, they need to safely be buried below the frost line.
An existing, high-traffic access road became extremely muddy, causing heavy machinery to slide off the roads.
This backyard in Toronto was 80% concrete, and 100% impermeable, these homeowners were left wondering how to fix their water drainage problems.
Most hot tub pads are placed on non-porous concrete blocks that are expensive, hard to remove and offer little-to-no backyard drainage.
This Equestrian Center in Florida had two horses sharing one manger-style hay feeder with no protection surrounding it.
This golf course was in need of golf cart parking pads with a safe area to charge electric carts.
Pig farrowing problems, including wet and muddy hog flooring, are the primary causes of hypothermia and the death of newborn piglets.
Whether you’re a breeder or simply want a safe outdoor area for the family pet. Dog kennels can be tricky to install.
The Sanford Maine ATV Club maintains miles of ATV riding trails in southern Maine. A 600 ft-long swampy section of the trail was ultimately impassable.
Some of the biggest problems facing campgrounds are soil compaction, mud, and erosion due to heavy use.
The mining and drilling industry is focused on safety first, and safety can be enhanced by the use of an affordable industrial paving product like Ecoraster.
The paved shoulder at a busy intersection in North Carolina was in need of constant road repairs.
This busy intersection in North Carolina sees more than 50,000 cars pass through it each day.
The dining area at the Toronto Zoo was covered with tripping hazards due to poorly installed pavers and a lack of ground stabilization.
Heavy traffic areas like livestock feeders are prone to excessive mud and dirt.
This project was a new-build, and the existing land was in need of ground reinforcement due to extremely muddy conditions.
This Toronto client was looking to remove a hard-to-maintain grassy area in their backyard with high-quality synthetic grass.
Grass-filled Ecoraster grids were presented as a durable, sustainable, and permeable paving solution to the client’s boat storage/parking needs.
The municipality was looking for eco-friendly paving materials to help transform their 14,000 square foot parking area into a functional, permeable, and green parking lot.
Kew Gardens hosts baseball games, summer camps, concerts, picnics and so much more.
The Innisfail Golf Course in Alberta was looking to create a safe, attractive, and eco-friendly walkway.
Unpaved or poorly paved industrial areas such as these are often prone to parking lot drainage problems.
The asphalt edge of the road shoulders at the Toronto Pearson International Airport required road mesh reinforcement to reduce ongoing maintenance.
A heavy-duty permeable paving solution to help with outdoor warehouse drainage in their mechanical room area.
George Brown College in Toronto had parking lots filled with dusty, compacted gravel. These surfaces resulted in potholes, ruts, and poor parking lot drainage.
Dealing with mud in horse paddocks is a challenge that all equestrian centers are faced with.
For equestrian center staff, equine mud management is a serious undertaking that can cause a long list of issues if it’s not handled properly.
This homeowner was motivated to swap out his existing driveway with an eco-friendly surface using permeable driveway pavers.
This homeowner was in search of green driveway solutions to replace his existing asphalt driveway.
This barn in rural Ontario is used primarily as a birthing barn for cows.
In 1954 Hurricane Hazel left a trail of destruction including a train derailment at the south end of Southampton ON.

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